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MH 9 Roasted Korean Bamboo Salt 200g
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Product name/產品名字: 9-Roasted Korean Bamboo Salt

有机九烤韩国竹盐Brand 牌子:Matahari

Ingredient/成份: Bamboo Salt

Net weight/內容量:200g

Application/用途:Use for cooking, dipping or as bath soak. 用于 #烹饪、#浸渍 #沐浴。Country of Origin/產地:Korea

Precautions/注意事項:Store in cool dry place/請放置陰涼處

Calories 卡路里(per100g):0

Glycemic Index GI/ 升糖指数:0


Product introduction/产品介绍: Bamboo salt, is the sun salt into the three-year-old bamboo, both ends to natural loess seal, pine as fuel, by 1000 degrees C to 1300 degrees C high temperature calcination refined out of the substance. Bamboo salt benefits are the king of alkaline food (pH index up to 9-12), containing 70-80 rich minerals and trace elements. Jiurou bamboo salt is the top choice of Korean bamboo salt, which contains more than 80 minerals to replace nutrients lost during the growing process due to the use of fertilizers. Its high antioxidant level (antioxidant value of -400 mv) can detoxify and discharge pollutants. Its alkalinity helps maintain our body's PH value, quickly neutralizes acidic toxins in our body such as uric acid, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and improves digestive problems such as stomach disorders, stomach ulcers, intestinal diseases, hemorrhoids, or constipation.


竹盐,是将日晒盐装入三年生的楠竹中,两端以天然黄土封口,以松树为燃料,经1000℃1300℃高温煅烧后提炼出来的物质。竹盐好处是碱性食品之王(pH指数高达9-12),含有70-80丰富的矿物质及微量元素。 九烤竹盐是韩国竹盐的上品,它包含了80多种矿物质,以取代因种植过程中使用化肥而流失的营养。其高抗氧化性能水平(抗氧化值为-400mV)能解毒及排出污染物质。它的碱性有助于保持我们身体的PH值,可迅速中和在我们身体内的酸性毒素,如尿酸,高血糖,高胆固醇等,改善对 #胃病,胃溃疡,肠道疾病,痔疮或便秘等消化系统问题。


Benefit /益处: #Helps neutralise the body's acidic toxins #Soothing arthritis. #Prevent bacterial infections #Improve slitay discomfort #帮助中和人体酸性 #毒素 #舒缓关节炎 #预防细菌感染 #改善喉咙不适


Suitable for people/适宜人群: Are edible in the general population. 一般人群均可食用。

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