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  • Contains IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1) to stimulate growth naturally
  • Fortified with lysine & calcium to improve muscle strength and bone growth 
  • Delicious chocolate malt flavour - add to milk or Milo for better taste!


What is Kordel's Kid's TruTall Colostrum?

Get, Set, GROW!

Kordel's Kid's TruTall Colostrum contains a proprietary blend of three active ingredients - plant extracts, lysine and calcium - all based in colostrum to craft the perfect potion for your kid's growth!


Unique Blend Of Actives For Growth!

  • Sourced from Korea, our plant extracts amplify the natural secretion of IGF-1 and other growth hormones. IGF-1 is the key hormone that fosters growth and development in children! The patented herb extract increases Growth Hormone (GH) by as much as 600% and IGF-1 by as much as 30%. A study finding shows that the Korean herb extract is proven to increase femur bone length by 6%.
  • Lysine doesn't just stop at bolstering collagen production – it also supercharges calcium absorption!
  • Calcium, vital for bone growth, hand in hand with colostrum, rich in growth-boosting nutrients, creates a growth-optimized mix for your child!


A Powerhouse Of Nutrition And Taste!

Height-boosting nutrients might be our centrepiece, but taste isn't second fiddle at TruTall. Pack-off this delectable malt chocolate powder will become your child's favourite, making growth not just healthy, but fun! Clearly a favourite for BoBoiBoy too!


Height Growth Made Affordable!

Top-of-the-line product, bottom-line costs! Now trigger those growth hormones without emptying your pockets. It's proven clinically and adored universally by growing kids and parents alike!


Our Ingredient

IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor 1) is a growth hormone produced naturally by the liver.  This hormone plays a significant role in a child's growth period, in which lack of IGF-1 during this critical period would lead to stunted growth. 

IGF-1 is produced highly only during puberty in our entire lifetime. The high IGF-1 production is what stimulates a child's growth spurt. This hormone production would slowly decrease over time, signalling the end of the growth period.

Thus, this makes it all the more important to include IGF-1 in your child's diet to have them grow taller! 



2 to 5 years old: 1 sachet once or twice a day

Children 6 to 12 years old: 2 to 3 sachets daily

Teenagers 13 and above: 3 sachets daily

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