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Malaysians getting slimmer during the pandemic

We have seen people on the social media grumbling about putting on weight during the MCO. While they were stuck at home, a lot of new things they have learn especially the food challenge such as kuih penjaram, cakes, Dalgona coffee and so forth. Surprisingly, research has found out a lot of Malaysian has actually losing weight. 

A market research company, Ipsos showed 36% of Malaysians shed pounds during the pandemic, and just 19% encountered a normal weight gain of practically 5kg.

This was in contrast with worldwide numbers, where 31% of respondents said they put on weight at a normal of 6kg and just 20% figured out how to shed additional kilos.

The collected survey via online last October and November were people from aged 16 to 74 across 30 countries in total of 22,008 answers.

Apparently, weight loss was a more common outcome in Malaysia. Generally, they have cutting down sugary food and drinks. 72% of Malaysian willingly to cut down the sugar for healthier lifestyle, while only 35% were willing to give up or reduce carbohydrates.

In conclusion, losing weight journey is definitely to start cutting down the sugar and exercise regularly for a healthier lifestyle.

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