Spring Health O-Active 30'Sx3 FOC Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask
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Stainless Steel Flask Colour

What is O-ACTIVE Vegicaps®?


  • One nutrient for all cell and organs! It is a natural source of powerful antioxidant to keep body active, young and full of life. With combination of Vitamin E, it possesses anti-aging effect. What is it for?
  • Coenzyme Q10 is found naturally in different parts of body including, heart, kidney, liver, muscle and etc. It is the key for energy production. 95% of total energy required by the body relies on the action of CoQ10.
  • Replenishes declining CoQ10 level in body that affected by exercise, age, and certain medications like anti-cholesterol drug
  • Maintains healthy kidney and other organs’ functions



Who is suitable?


  • Anyone above 30 years old
  • Those who always complain of tiredness
  • Athletes of those doing strenuous exercise daily
  • Vegetarian



Why O-ACTIVE Vegicaps®?


  • CoQ10 and Vitamin E works synergistically; CoQ10  can recycle the oxidized Vitamin E from harmful free radical form to beneficial antioxidant form while Vitamin E will enhance the retention of absorbed CoQ10 in organs
  • Guaranteed potency till expired, 99% of nutrients retained after 3 years storage




  • 1 Vegicaps® daily with meal




Each Vegicaps® contains:


  • Natural Coenzyme Q10 50mg
  • Natural Vitamin E 250iu Each Vegicaps® contains:
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