Healthy Tips to Enjoy Your Christmas Party

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas season is around the corner, bet savoury Christmas dishes and desserts already started popped into your mind. Saying no to these scrumptious dishes offered during Christmas party can be very challenging. Yes! No doubt, guess everyone will have a hard time to resist this temptation.

However, most common Christmas favourites are high in simple sugars, saturated fat and empty calories, leading to weight gain and may cause your glucose levels to spike.

The temptation of going into ‘festive’ and “self-rewarding” mode, is high as this festive only comes once in a year. However, you do not have to avoid them totally. Follow these healthy tips to avoid feeling regret from overeating.


  1. Avoid going to parties with an empty stomach. Eat some healthy snacks (fruits or sandwich) before heading out to a gathering as this can help reduce your urge to overeat.
  2. Enjoy the party and focus more on conversation with family and friends while eating to divert your attention from the foods.
  3. Practice portion control. Go easy on high calorie treats, especially desserts. If you cannot resist them, making sure you stick to a bite-sized piece. Try sharing with others to control your intake.
  4. Fill the dominant part of your plate with colorful vegetables/salad and fruits first, then go for protein (roasted chicken) and lastly carbohydrate like roasted potato. This will help you feel full and making you less likely to overeat desserts afterwards.
  5. Eat slowly and chew properly. Take time to savour the taste and texture of each dish as it may help increase your feeling of fullness and satisfaction.
  6.  If you still have the urge to go for second rounds, wait for 20 minute before fill up your plate again with foods to let your brain to register that you are full.
  7. Drink more plain water before attending any parties to ease digestion.
  8. Limit intake of sugary drinks or carbonated drinks as these only contain empty calorie which increases your calorie intake and cause blood glucose to spike up. If you enjoy sipping on these drinks, try space it with plain water in between.


Here is the nutrient information of most favorite foods during Christmas so that you can enjoy your foods within your calorie budget. So eat, drink and be merry, but do it within moderation.

If you can find healthier alternatives among the array of foods, choose those. You can still enjoy everything, by taking only small portions of each type of food.






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